Tree House Drawing NZ
Tree House Drawing NZ
Learn to draw with Auckland's leading Cartoon Workshops!
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Cartooning, illustration, Game Art, Comic Creation, we do it all! Visit Tree House Drawing Workshops based here in Auckland, NZ.   

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Testimonials for Matt and his workshops

Max loves the classes, and we can’t thank Matt enough for instilling his passion and uping is confidence, would recommend the class for kids of all ages!!
— Rebecca - Mum
Sam joined the holiday program in Highland Park and in Orakei and he loved it!
— Nicole - Mum
Alex had so much fun at this trial lesson, he already can’t wait for next week!
— Marry Li - Mum
‘Matt, as I see it you are a total genius and Im so lucky you let me join the after school classes! I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made in one year. I really enjoyed the challenge of my first lesson in cartooning - trying to draw a circle! With your incredible talent and generous spirit helping me along I have just managed to get some of my prints in a beautiful art gallery in Whitianga...
— Linda - Adult Student



About TreeHouse Drawing Studio

Founded by Matt Haworth

The whole idea behind the Tree House theme is to encourage a feeling of freedom, acceptance and adventure, just like the backyards and clubhouses you would escape to as a child to draw and daydream...

With our workshops and creative courses we hope to foster a life long love of drawing and creativity in a structured, supportive and knowledgeable environment, while always having a great time! 

Matt is a fully trained animator and illustrator with 6 years of teaching experience under his belt. Having taught over 1000 students to draw in Auckland, and all across NZ, Tree House Drawing Workshops are the best place to go for your art tuition, book in today!