FAQ's and info

  • Minimum age is 7 years.
  • No age limit for the workshops, but they are aimed for 7 - 16 year olds!
  • Beginner? Experienced? No problem, our workshops are designed for artists of all skill levels
  • Enrolment Fees = $200 for new students and early bird payers. $30 per lesson for casual enrolment. 
  • Yes we can arrange family discounts for enrolling for than one student. We also do referral discounts!
  • Afterschool workshops run for eight, 90 minute lessons each term.
  • Students can join at any point through the term, but obviously you get most out of the course if you are there from the start of term.
  • Workshops pause for school holidays and public holidays unless specified (but obviously don't count towards the 8 lessons for the term) 

What we teach

  • Fundamental drawing, comic and animation techniques that every artist should know!
  • A brand new exciting Cartooning Project created specially each week for your class. 
  • Learn any drawing style! Anime/Manga, Disney, classical portraits, American cartoons and more!
  • Learn to draw some of your favourite characters from Minecraft, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Angry Birds, Simpsons, Garfield, whatever your interested in!
  • Character design, creature creation and your own world building! (not just copying drawings)
  • Basic Animation techniques used by the Disney Masters!
  • Have fun while learning and supporting each other through art!